I am an independent artist based in Orange County.
Leave me with some music and a pile of nuts & bolts, and I can get lost for days...
or until my wife calls me for dinner.


I began to explore my artistic side at a very young age. I would draw for hours on coffee shop napkins, and I would take apart anything I could get my hands on, even if it was in good working condition. I was obsessed with figuring out how things worked, and I spent my time studying all things mechanical and sketching new ideas.

I took metal shop during my freshman year of high school, where I was exposed to the art of welding and discovered my passion. With a childlike curiosity, I began to create small art pieces and developed my metal craftsmanship. After decades of drawing, tinkering, and welding, I carry a well-rounded understanding of design and what makes things work.

I am an artist. I am a maker of things.


Derek McDonald Artworks was established in 1997 when I decided to dedicate more time to art. With that decision came the task of building a 900 square foot workshop from the ground up, equipped with special machines and tools. Every artist needs his creative space, and after four years, I finally had mine. 


Design is at the center of everything I do. I like to get my hands dirty and put my welding torch to use, and I am proud to provide artisan-quality goods. My artwork is handcrafted and distinguished by clean, hidden welds and painstaking detail.

I make simple things complicated.

I strive to create artwork that inspires. I am a husband, a father of three, and a full-time land surveyor. I am constantly burning the midnight oil to keep up with the ideas in my head, so my hands always seem to be one step behind.


I am passionate about using recycled material, so I frequent scrap yards for pieces of metal and other nonsense. I like to incorporate motion and texture into my artwork, and I constantly experiment with wood, granite, and concrete. Unique finds get my imagination going, and I love the challenge of what could be crafted from my collection of presumed junk. Watch the Meet the Artist Video →



I believe everyone deserves to own a piece art. If you really love one of my pieces, let me know your budget and we'll try to work something out.

I am up for any challenge and would love to work on a custom piece for you.